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This Logo was created for my dad, who is a freelance wedding speaker. For this, I wanted a light and soft, but also neutral design. The two round elements are meant to symbolize wedding rings. With the combination of the handwritten font and capital letters, I wanted to give it a professional feeling on the one side, whilst also keeping it casual on the other side.


At a free marriage ceremony, the couple is already legally married. Most of the time a freelance wedding speaker tell the background story of the couple and highlight the bond of the married couple throughout the ceremony.

A free wedding ceremony often takes place in spring or summer and is held outdoors, usually in nature. For this reason, I created a warm and natural color palette. I based it on earthy tones, in order to create a neutral and light design. The logo exists in three colour variations, so it can be used for different designs, like business cards, brochures or even on a website.

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